CONFERENCE: Driving “dancing elephants”: how to run a flexible e-business

When Lou Gerstner, former CEO of IBM, wrote his book “who says elephants can’t dance ? Inside IBM’s historic turnaround”, it was the starting point of a new era called “e-business”. And most if not all companies are now moving the same way. The concepts are well-known: flexibility, global reach, resilience, user-orientation. The question is: how do you make it happen on a daily basis ?

This conference given by Olivier Sirven, who is himself driving global re-engineering programs within IBM, and directing the E-Business Master of Lille-1 University, France, will detail the tools, methods and processes needed to implement and run this strategy in an organization.

Focus is set on project/program management, as the cornerstone of this work. Other chapters like team management, risk management, cross-cultural management, will be discussed.

Conference goals and objectives

At the end of this conference, you should have in hands some elements that will help you setting-up and managing the right organisation to run a flexible  e-business. This conference is an extract of a 30 hours University course.

Conference topics

  •   From globalization to program management
  •   Globalization and flexible e-business
  •   Implementing the flexible structure
  •   Program / Project management
  •   Managing in programs and projects mode of operations
  •   Managing risks along project life
  •   Managing teams efficiently throughout the organization
  •   People are the asset
  •   Get the best of international teams
  •   Communicate, communicate, communicate !

Thursday, November 19,  (8H00-9H30) :


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